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Turn the ignition switch ON.
Blow air with changing temperature into the in-car sensor air inlet. Measure the sensor resistance between 1 and 2 terminals.

1. Incar Motor(-)
2. Sensor Ground
3. -
4. Incar Sensor (+)
5. -
6. IGN2 (Motor (+))

Temperature [°C(°F)]
Resistance between terminals 2 and 4 (kΩ)
0 (32)
97.71 ± 2.61%
47.12 ± 1.45%
30.00 ± 1.2%
19.60 ± 1.44%
10.82 ± 2.26%

An in-car sensor is a negative type thermistor. The resistance will rise with lower temperature, and reduce with higher temperature.
In-car Sensor (DATC only) Description
An in-car air temperature sensor is located in the crash pad lower panel. The sensor contains a thermistor which measures the temperature of the inside. The signal decided by the resistance ...

In-car Sensor Replacement
1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Using a screwdriver or remover, remove the center fascia panel (A). ...

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