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With a putt knife, scrape the old adhesive smooth to a thickness of about 2mm (0.08 in.) on the bonding surface around the entire quarter fixed glass flange.
Do not scrape down to the painted surface of the body; damaged paint will interfere with proper bonding.
Mask off surrounding surfaces before painting.
Remove the fasteners from the body.
Clean the body bonding surface with a sponge dampened in alcohol. After cleaning, keep oil, grease and water from getting on the surface.
With a sponge, apply a light coat of glass primer along the edge of the quarter fixed glass as shown, then lightly wipe it off with gauze or cheese cloth :
Do not apply body primer to the quarter fixed glass, and do not get body and glass primer sponges mixed up.
Never touch the primed surfaces with your hands. If you do, the adhesive may not bond to the quarter fixed glass properly, causing a leak after the quarter fixed glass in installed.
Keep water, dust, and abrasive materials away from the primed surface.
With a sponge, apply a light coat of body primer to the original adhesive remaining around the flange. Let the body primer dry for at least 10 minutes.
Do not apply glass primer to the body, and be careful not to mix up glass and body primer sponges.
Never touch the primed surfaces with your hands.
Remove the tape sticked to the quater fixed glass.
Install the quater fixed glass mounting nuts.
Install the quarter fixed glass (A).

Tightening torque :
5.9 ~6.4N.m (0.6~0.65Kgf.m, 4.3~4.7lb-ft)

Let the adhesive dry for at least one hour, then spray water over the rear window and check for leaks. Mark the leaking areas, let the rear window dry, then seal with sealant. Let the vehicle stand for at least four hours after rear window installation. If the vehicle has to be used within the first four hours, it must be driven slowly.
Reinstall all remaining removed parts.
Install the following items.
Rear pillar trim
C pillar trim
Luggage side trim
Rear transverse trim
Rear door scuff tirm
Third row seat assembly
Second row seat assembly
Quarter Fixed Glass Removal
   • Put on gloves to protect your hands. • ...


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