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Parking Brake Shoe
Install the shoe hold down pin (A) and spring (B) by pressing and rotating the spring.

Install the operating lever assembly (D) and the upper return spring (C).

Install the adjuster assembly (B) and the lower return spring (A).

Install the hub assembly.
(Refer to Drive shaft and axle - "Rear hub - carrier")
Install the parking brake cable (B), and then install the fixing clip (A).

Install the rear brake disc, then adjust the rear brake shoe clearance.
Remove the plug from the disc.

Rotate the toothed wheel of adjuster by a screw driver until the disc is not moving, and then return it by 5 notches in the opposite direction.

Install the brake caliper assembly.
(Refer to Brake system - "Rear disc brake")
Install the tire and wheel, after installing the plug on the disc.
If the parking brake shoe or the brake disc are replaced a newly one, perform the brake shoe bed-in procedure.
While operating the parking brake for 69N (7kgf, 15lbf) effort, drive the vehicle 500 meters (0.31 miles) at the speed of 60kph (37 mph).
Repeat the above procedure more than two times.
Must be held on 30% uphill.
After adjusting parking brake, notice following matter;
lever type - Must be free from troubles when the parking lever is operated at 686.5 N (70 kgf, 154 lbf).
Pedal type - Must be free from troubles when the parking pedal is operated at 980N (100kgf, 220 lbf)
Check that all parts move smoothly.
The parking brake indicator lamp must be on after the parking pedal is worked and must be off after the pedal is released.
Parking Brake Assembly Removal
Parking Brake Shoe 1. Raise the vehicle, and make sure it is securely supported. 2. Remove the rear tire and wheel. 3. ...

Parking Brake Lever Assembly Removal
   The parking brake cables must not be bent or distorted. This will lead to stiff operation and premature failure. ...

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