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Second Generation XM (2011-2023) / Kia Sorento XM 2011-2023 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / AVN System / Troubleshooting Guide

Before Thinking The Product Has Malfunctioned
Errors which occur during the operation or installation of the device may be mistaken as a malfunction of the actual device.
If you are having problems with the divice, try the suggestions listed below.
If the problems persist, contact your point of purchase or the nearest service center.
There are small red, blue, or green dots on the screen
Because the LCD is manufactured with technology requiring high point density, a pixel deficiency or lighting may occur within 0.01% of total pixels.
The sound or image is not working
Has the switch for the vehicle been turned to [ACC] or [ON]?
Has the SYSTEM been turned OFF?
The video is being displayed but sound is not working
Has the volume been set to a low level?
Has the volume been set on mute?
When the power is turned on, the corners of the screen are dark
The display looking somewhat darker after prolonged periods of use is a normal phenomenon with LCD panels. It is not a malfunction.
If the screen is very dark, contact your point of purchase or the nearest service center.
Sound is working from only one speaker
Is the position of FAL/BAL sound controls or volume adjusted to only one side?
Sound and video does not work in AUX mode
Is the audio and video connector jacks fully inserted into the AUX terminal?
The external device is not working
Is the external device connected with a standard connector cable?
The road is missing
Some map data may be missing or incorrect.
The road name is spoken incorrectly
The TTS(Text To Speech) engine speaks the street name based off of the phonetic spelling.
This will continuously be update with the map datebase.

Possible Cause
The power does not turn on.
The fuse is disconnected.
Replace with a suitable fuse. If the fuse is disconnected again, please contact your point of purchase or service center.
Device is not properly connected.
Check to see that the device has been properly connected.
The CD does not play.
The DISC has not been inserted or has been inserted upside down.
Insert the disc properly so that the sides are facing the correct direction.
The DISC has been contaminated.
Wipe dirt dirt and other foreign substances from the DISC.
The vehicle battery is low.
Charge the battery. If the problem persists, please contact your point of purchase or service center.
A disc which is not supported by the device has been inserted.
Insert a disc which is supported for play by the device.
The sound does not work.
The volume level is set the lowest level.
The connector is not properly connected.
The device is currently fast-forwarding, rewinding, scanning, or playing in slow mode.
Adjust the volume level.
Check the connection state.
The sound will not work when the device is fast-forwarding, rewinding, scanning, or playing in slow mode.
The sound or video quality is low.
The DISC is dirty or scrached.
Vibration is occuring from the position in which the conversion switch has been installed.
The color and tone quality of the image is low.
Wipe off water or dirt from the DISC. Do not use a disc which has been scrached.
The sound may be short-circuited and the image distorted if the device begins to vibrate. The device will return to normal operation once the vibration has stopped.
Aging of the video display and deterioration in performance may cause certain quality degradations.
The USB does not work.
USB memory is damaged.
USB memory has been contaminated.
A separately purchased USB HUB is being used.
A USB extension cable is being used.
A USB which is not a Metal Cover Type USB Memory is being used.
A HDD type, CF, SD Memory is being used.
There are no music files which can be played.
Please use after formatting the USB into FAT 12/16/32 format.
Remove any foreign substances on the contact surface of the USB memory and multimedia terminal.
Directly connect the USB memory with the multimedia terminal on the vehicle.
Directly connect the USB memory with the multimedia terminal on the vehicle.
Use a standard USB memory.
Use a standard USB memory.
Only MP3, WMA file formats are supported. Please use only the supported music file formats.
The iPod is not recognized even though it has been connected.
There are no titles which can be played.
The iPod firmware version has not been properly updated.
The iPod device does not recognize downloads.
Use iTunes to download and save MP3 files into the iPod.
Use iTunes to update the firmware version and reconnect the iPod with the device.
Reset the iPod and reconnect with the device.

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