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Rated Voltage
DC 12.0V
Operating voltage
DC 10.7 ~ 15V
Operating temperature
-30 ~ 75°C (-22 ~ 167°F)
Output voltage
AC 103.5 ~ 126.5V (r.m.s)
Output frequency
60 ± 6Hz
Rated power
150W (-30 ~ 45°C / -22 ~ 113°F)
Current spec.
Full load input current : Max. 15A
Key OFF current : Max 1㎂

※ r.m.s : root mean square value
※ The A/C inverter initially operates with 12.5V and stops its operation when the voltage drops below 10.7V
AC Inverter System

Component Location
1. Battery 2. AC inverter switch 3. AC inverter unit 4. AC inverter outlet ...

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