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Cylinder Head

Inspect for flatness.
Using a precision straight edge and feeler gauge, measure the surface the contacting the cylinder block and the manifolds for warpage.

Flatness of cylinder head gasket surface
Standard : Less than 0.05 mm (0.0019 in.) for total area
Less than 0.02 mm (0.0007 in.) for a section of 100 mm (3.9370 in.) X 100 mm (3.9370 in.)
Flatness of manifold mounting surface (Intake/Exhaust)
Standard : Less than 0.10 mm (0.0039 in.)

Inspect for cracks.
Check the combustion chamber, intake ports, exhaust ports and cylinder block surface for cracks. If cracked, replace the cylinder head.

Valve And Valve Spring

Inspect valve stems and valve guides.
Using a caliper gauge, measure the inside diameter of the valve guide.

Valve guide inner diameter
Intake / Exhaust :
5.500 ~ 5.512 mm (0.21654 ~ 0.21701 in.)

Using a micrometer, measure the diameter of the valve stem.

Valve stem outer diameter
Intake : 5.465 ~ 5.480 mm (0.21516 ~ 0.21575 in.)
Exhaust : 5.458 ~ 5.470 mm (0.214988 ~ 0.21535 in.)

Subtract the valve stem diameter measurement from the valve guide inside diameter measurement.

Valve stem-to-guide clearance
Intake : 0.020 ~ 0.047 mm (0.00078 ~ 0.00185 in.)
Exhaust : 0.030 ~ 0.054 mm (0.00118 ~ 0.00212 in.)
Intake : 0.070 mm (0.00275 in.)
Exhaust : 0.090 mm (0.00354 in.)

If the clearance is greater than maximum, replace the valve or cylinder head.
Inspect the valves.
Check the valve is ground to the correct valve face angle.
Check that the surface of the valve for wear.
If the valve face is worn, replace the valve.
Check the valve head margin thickness.

Valve head thickness (Margin)
Intake : 1.02 mm(0.0401 in.)
Exhaust : 1.09 mm(0.0429 in.)

If the margin thickness is less than minimum, replace the valve.
Check the valve length.

Valve length
Intake : 113.18 mm (4.4559 in.)
Exhaust : 105.84 mm (4.1669 in.)
Intake : 112.93 mm (4.4461 in.)
Exhaust : 105.59 mm (4.1571 in.)

Check the surface of the valve stem tip for wear.
If the valve stem tip is worn, replace the valve.
Inspect the valve seats
Check the valve seat for evidence of overheating and improper contact with the valve face. Replace the cylinder head if necessary.
Check the valve guide for wear. If the valve guide is worn, replace the cylinder head.
Inspect the valve springs.
Using a steel square, measure the out-of-square of the valve spring.
Using a vernier calipers, measure the free length of the valve spring.

Valve spring
Free height : 47.44 mm (1.8677 in.)
Out-of-square : Less than 1.5°

If the free length is not as specified, replace the valve spring.

MLA (Mechanical Lash Adjuster)

Inspect the MLA.
Using a micrometer, measure the MLA outside diameter.

MLA outer diameter :
31.964 ~ 31.980 mm (1.2584 ~ 1.2590 in.)

Using a caliper gauge, measure MLA tappet bore inner diameter of cylinder head.

Tappet bore inner diameter :
32.000 ~ 32.025 mm (1.2598 ~ 1.2608 in.)

Subtract MLA outside diameter measurement from tappet bore inside diameter measurement.

MLA to tappet bore clearance
[Standard] : 0.020 ~ 0.061 mm (0.00078 ~ 0.00240 in.)
[Limit] : 0.070 mm (0.00275 in.)

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