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Power tailgate is an electro-mechanical system designed to provide power opening and closing of the tailgate through the push of a button of a remote key (fob), console switch, inner switch or an outside handle switch of the tailgate.
The power tailgate will reverse direction of travel if resistance to movement is detected while the tailgate is being opened or closed.
Tailgate Position And Direction
The PTG system will measure the Tailgate position via an integrated hall sensor inside the Spindle drive unit motor.
The moving direction of tailgate will be detected by analyzing the direction of the drive unit motor.
The hall sensor pulse counting (position detection) is active during power and manual operation mode.
System Components
PTG Unit

PTG unit is located in rear left luggage side trim.
PTG drive unit drive the two actuators (Spindles) by measuring the driving motors.
Anti pinch strips (ATS) does not contain any hall sensor. PTG controls the anti trap function by resistance analysis in the ATS.
PTG Latch Assembly

PTG latch assembly is consist of Power Latch (A) and Power Closeing Unit (B).
Power latch is located in the lower part of tail gate panel.
PTG Spindle

PTG spindle open and close the tailgate by driving the motor.
Anti-Pinch Strip

During power closing or cinching, the PTG system shall reverse to full open if an anti-pinch strip signal is received. However, the anti-pinch strips will not work when the Tailgate is idle in the full closed, full open, or stopped positions.
SMK (Smart key)

Push the power tailgate open of the SMK more than 0.5s to open the power tailgate. Power Open operation shall be reversed when an additional Open/Close signal is received during power opening.
Interrior Swtich

Tailgate inner switch

Tailgate buzzer

When a power operation cannot be performed as requested or if the Tailgate operation was requested via Interior switch or RKE/SMK.
Block Diagram

Power Tailgate Opening ** - Primary switch signal received by PTGM via CAN bus (sent by IPM) PTGM Opening procedure: 1. Opening can be triggered after a signal i ...

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