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Engine power can be delivered to all front and rear wheels for maximum traction.

Engine power can be delivered to all front and rear wheels for maximum traction. AWD is useful when extra traction is required on roads, such as, when driving on slippery, muddy, wet, or snow-covered roads. These vehicles are not designed for challenging off-road use. Occasional off-road use such as established unpaved roads and trails are OK. It is always important when traveling off highway that the driver carefully reduces the speed to a level that does not exceed the safe operating speed for those conditions.

In general, off-road conditions provide less traction and braking effectiveness than normal road conditions. The driver must be especially alert to avoid driving on slopes which tilt the vehicle to either side.

These factors must be carefully considered when driving off-road.

Keeping the vehicle in contact with the driving surface and under control in these conditions is always the driver's responsibility for the safety of him/herself and his / her passengers.

WARNING - Off road driving

This vehicle is designed primarily for on road use although it can operate effectively off road. However, it was not designed to drive in challenging off-road conditions. Driving in conditions that exceed the vehicle's intended design or the driver's experience level may result in severe injury or death.


If the AWD system warning light ( there is a malfunction in the AWD system. If this occurs, have your vehicle checked) illuminates, this indicates that
there is a malfunction in the AWD system. If this occurs, have your vehicle checked by an authorized Kia dealer as soon as possible.

Tight corner brake effect

CAUTION - AWD When turning sharply on a paved road at low speed while in four-wheel drive, steering control will be difficult.

Tight corner brake effect is a unique characteristic of four-wheel drive vehicles caused by the difference in tire rotation at the four wheels and the zero-degree alignment of the front wheels and suspension.

Sharp turns at low speeds should be carried out with caution.

All Wheel Drive (AWD) transfer mode selection



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For safe All-wheel drive operation
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