Kia Sorento: Service Adjustment Procedure - Steering System - Kia Sorento XM 2011-2021 Service ManualKia Sorento: Service Adjustment Procedure

Second Generation XM (2011-2021) / Kia Sorento XM 2011-2021 Service Manual / Steering System / Service Adjustment Procedure

Steering Wheel Play Inspection
Turn the steering wheel so that the front wheels can face straight ahead.
Measure the distance that the steering wheel can be turned with out moving the front wheels.

Standard value: 0 ~ 30mm (1.1811in.) or less

If the play exceeds standard value, inspect the steering column, shaft, and linkages.
Checking Stationary Steering Effort
Position the vehicle on a level surface and place the steering wheel in the straight ahead position.
Start the engine and turn the steering wheel from lock to lock several times to warm up the power steering fluid.
Attach a spring scale to the steering wheel. With the engine speed 500 ~ 700RPM, pull the scale and read it as soon as the tires begin to turn.

Standard value: 3.0kgf

If the measured value exceeds standard value, inspect the power steering gear box and pump.
Power Steering Fluid Replacement
Always use genuine PSF. Using other type of power steering fluid or ATF can cause increased wear and poor steering in cold weather.
Raise the reservoir and then disconnect the return hose to drain the reservoir. Be careful not to spill the fluid on the body and parts. Wipe off any spilled fluid at once.
Connect a tube of suitable diameter to the disconnected return hose, and put the hose end in a suitable container.
Jack up the front wheels and turn the steering wheel from the lock to lock until fluid stops running out of the tube.
Reconnect the return hose to reservoir.
Fill the reservoir with the power steering fluid and then bleed the power steering system.
Special Service Tools
Tool (Number and Name) IIIustration Use 09561-11001 Steering wheel puller Remove the steering wheel ...

Symptom Probable cause Remedy play in steering Loose yoke plug Retighten Loose steering gear mounting bolts Retighten L ...

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