Kia Sorento: Rear Driveshaft Reassembly - Rear Driveshaft Assembly - Driveshaft and axle - Kia Sorento XM 2011-2019 Service ManualKia Sorento: Rear Driveshaft Reassembly

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Wrap tape around the driveshaft splines (TJ side ) to prevent damage to the boots.
Apply grease to the driveshaft and install the boots.
Apply the specified grease to the inner race (A) and cage (B). Install the cage (B) so that it is offset on the race as shown.
Use the grease included in the repair kit.

Apply the specified grease to the cage and fit the balls into the cage.
Position the chamfered side (A) as shown in the illustration. Install the inner race on the driveshaft(B), and then the snap ring.

Apply the specified grease to the outer race and install the BJ outer race onto the driveshaft.
Apply the specified grease into the TJ boot and install the boot with a clip.
Tighten the TJ boot bands.
Add the specified grease to the BJ as much as wiped away at inspection.
Install the boots.
Tighten the BJ boot bands.
To control the air in the TJ boot, keep the specified distance between the boot bands when they are tightened.
Distance (mm)
716.5mm(28.2086 in.)
697.4mm(27.4566 in.)

Rear Driveshaft Disassembly
   Х Do not disassemble the BJ assembly. Х Sp ...

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